Thai British Secure Printing to use CardLab tech
09 March 2018 13:09 GMT

Secure card tech firm CardLab has entered into a long term strategic agreement with Thai British Secure Printing (TBSP). 

The agreement means that TBSP have obtained a license to all CardLab technologies and in short time will start to introduce more secure cards containing CardLab anti-fraud and identity protection technologies such as RFID skimming protection and fingerprint sensor on the card, to allow only the rightful owner to use the card. 

The agreement cements CardLab position as a leading technology supplier to the powered card industry and one of the frontrunners in fighting card fraud, identity theft and cyber-criminal activities with its advanced technologies for card solutions. The agreement follows a decision earlier to use Fingerprint Cards new T-shape fingerprint sensor and have a close collaboration with Fingerprints to help Fingerprint customers with card design and Fingerprint sensor integration.

“I’m very happy we have been able to make this agreement securing a strong partner to bring superior card solutions to the market to fight the increasing fraud and identity theft problems where identity theft alone according to latest data from CSIS and McAfee annually amounts to USD 600 billion, equal to 0,8% of worldwide BNP. We have experienced TBSP as a very progressive company interested in sending more secure card products to the market that can eliminate these problems and CardLab working with TBSP can help cardholders avoid criminal activities in the future” says Frank Sandeløv, CEO of CardLab.