UAE consumers keen on biometrics, says Visa
28 March 2018 12:36 GMT

Visa has announced the results from a survey of consumers in the UAE. 

According to the survey commissioned by Visa and conducted by AYTM Market Research, 98 percent of consumers would like to use at least one method of biometrics to make future payments, with 69 percent interested in paying using fingerprint recognition and 56 percent keen to pay using eye scanning technology.

More than three quarters (77 percent) of consumers perceive biometrics to be faster than passwords and 79 percent perceive them as easier.

Neil Fernandes, Head of Risk, Middle East and North Africa, Visa said: “For the payments industry, now is the time to integrate biometric technology into banking apps and customer payments experiences, particularly given more than three quarters of consumers cited they would likely switch away from companies that do not. Identity and authentication is the key to securing digital payments and the industry is gradually moving beyond what you have and what you know to who, what and where you are.

“There is an opportunity for the UAE payments industry to deliver biometric authentication that benefits consumers, issuers, acquirers and merchants while offering the right balance of convenience and security. Visa is well positioned to facilitate this by working with payment partners to deliver a frictionless and secure payments experience.” 

To help financial institutions and merchants more quickly adopt emerging biometric authentication solutions, the Visa ID Intelligence platform provides a curated selection of leading third-party authentication technologies. Visa clients can create, test and adopt new authentication solutions with simple integrations using Visa APIs and SDKs.

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