NYPD seeks access to driving licence images
06 April 2018 14:45 GMT

The NYPD’s Real Time Crime Center and Facial Identification Sections are reportedly seeking access to the state’s database of driver’s licenses. 

The WSJ report notes that this would expand their facial recognition capabilities to include millions of innocent drivers (along with criminal mugshots).

The report has emerged after allegations earlier this month that the NYPD's facial-recognition technology affects anyone who recently had a mugshot taken.

Edited documents released through a lawsuit seeking information on the NYPD’s “Forensic Imaging System” revealed the issue.

“NYPD’s face-recognition system appears to include data for every NYPD arrestee, meaning that each arrestee is subjected to face-recognition searches,” said papers filed by Georgetown University’s Center on Privacy and Technology.

Center attorney Stephanie Glaberson wrote there is “substantial evidence that face recognition is widely used by the department, and likely is used in every arrest.”