Orlando International Airport to deploy biometric tech
20 April 2018 13:50 GMT

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is set to deploy the US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) Biometric Entry and Exit Program for international travels.

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) Board, the operator of MCO, has approved $4m funding to equip the passenger processing system with facial recognition technology to streamline the arrival and departure of all international travellers.

GOAA chairman Frank Kruppenbacher said: “Customer satisfaction is always our top priority and the goal of the Board is to make the journey through Orlando International Airport as enjoyable as possible.

“This programme will benefit our more than six million annual international passengers by delivering a simpler travel process.”

In collaboration with CBP, Orlando International Airport has been testing the biometrics system for passengers boarding British Airways (BA) flights to the UK for the last few months.

The process eliminated the need to handle boarding passes and passports, which consequently reduced passenger processing time. The system was also useful in reducing processing delays for arriving passengers.

The new biometrics system will be installed at 30 MCO gates for international departures as well as at CBP checkpoints situated in the two Federal Inspection Stations of the airport.

GOAA CEO Phil Brown said: “With a faster and more secure clearance process, airlines, airports, and travellers will benefit from shorter processing times and standardised arrival procedures.”

The Biometric Entry and Exit project will be funded from the Capital Expenditures Funds.

The total cost includes the equipment and installation of biometric passenger processing systems, as well as associated expenditures for power, low voltage wiring and cameras.