Trusona launches ID functionality
11 May 2018 15:09 GMT

Trusona has unveiled new functionality within its identity authentication solution Trusona Executive, including proprietary ID scanning capabilities and updates to its patent-pending anti-replay technology.

Delivered as an SDK, Trusona Executive enables organizations to perform identity proofing across any channel, including web, mobile, kiosk, call center and more directly from their own mobile app. Trusona Executive enables brands to say goodbye to usernames and passwords and makes identity proofing across channels and use cases more convenient and more secure at scale.

“A frictionless user experience can yield increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy, and customer lifetime value. That experience starts with authentication,” said Greg Palmer, vice president of Finovate. “Trusona is able to achieve that delicate balance between security and convenience, offering an authentication experience that's intuitive, transparent and functional. We're happy to have them debuting their Trusona Executive solution at FinovateSpring 2018.”

Trusona Executive is a three-factor identity authentication solution designed to replace the hassle of one-time passwords (OTPs) and cost of hard tokens, as well as eliminate the security risk inherent in both malware and session replay attacks. It relies on a personal item already in someone’s possession, like a driver’s license or passport, and does not require batteries or typing. It is built for authentication scenarios that require identity proofing, including new account openings, or for transactions that require a higher level of security, including wire transfers, VPN access and privileged user login. Companies across financial services, healthcare, higher education and media use Trusona Executive to create a simpler authentication experience that doesn’t rely on static passwords or OTP tokens, increasing user experience, customer engagement and brand loyalty while also ensuring security and privacy.