Lightspeed launches new iris and face solution
11 May 2018 15:08 GMT

Biometric security firm Lightspeed Technology has announced the release of a new iris and face biometric fusion solution for healthcare providers.

Lightspeed’s miniature camera can be instantly clipped to a monitor or embedded into device via USB to simplify biometric security, delivering optically-rich images that meets and exceeds demanding ISO/IEC standards.

Using a single patented Xenon illuminator and military-grade optics, Lightspeed captures a single high-quality face and dual iris image within 3-5 seconds of cooperative video at a naturally easy distance of 14-20 inches. 

Lightspeed’s fusion technology instantly converts the image into a composite digital record that is encrypted and combined with a time stamp, IP Address, and device ID.  Lightspeed’s matching process is securely completed in the cloud.  The encrypted biometric packet is exhaustively matched against billions of records per second with an error rate of 0.00%. This is multiple times more accurate than the medical industry’s best existing error rate of >7%.  This positions Lightspeed’s error-free ID for large populations including regional and national scale identification requirements.

Purpose-built for privacy, Lightspeed data is protected using multiple layers of advanced security.  Following verification, the digital packet is isolated from any personal data --and expiries within seconds to eliminate risk and fraud at the highest levels of privacy.  Lightspeed supports customer operations across a variety of industries and can be deployed without changes to legacy systems or existing applications. The system is compatible with third-party 2FA verification software by cell phone.


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