Innovatrics releases selfie onboarding toolkit
17 May 2018 13:59 GMT

Innovatrics has introduced its Digital Onboarding Toolkit (DOT), an automated customer authentication and onboarding solution aimed at banks, commercial institutions, and other organisations addressing the challenge of streamlining the onboarding of customers.

DOT is a ready-to-deploy technology that integrates optical character recognition (OCR) and state-of-the-art facial biometrics into a mobile application, enabling developers and integrators to easily customize the platform according to the respective needs of their clients.

“Innovatrics has simplified the customer onboarding process,” noted Peter Martis, director of Innovatrics Products, in a keynote speech delivered at the recently concluded FINSEC – The Banking Security Summit held in Dubai, “Owing to our advancements in artificial intelligence, we have deployed a ready-to-use toolkit which supports server and mobile (Android, iOS) systems. Customers can conveniently open an account, get a loan, or perform any transaction that requires proving their identity without having to leave their homes -- simply using their own smart mobile devices.”

Depending on the complexity of the onboarding process, the entire transaction of creating an account can be accomplished within a few minutes.

In three simple steps, which start by taking a photo of an ID, then confirming the data, and then finally verifying the identity by taking a selfie, companies can confidently get the required data for KYC (Know Your Client) and risk purposes minus the high probability of human-related errors and added costs.

“Innovatrics' progressive facial biometrics technology enhances a customer's data privacy and safety while using your mobile application, thereby, significantly reducing the incidence of identity theft and fraud plaguing the fast-changing digital world,” added Martis.