Sinerix targets online fraud with face recogntion
11 June 2018 15:13 GMT

Identity tech firm Sinerix has created a suite of modular software tools which it claims will enable businesses to verify the true identity of their customers in a matter of seconds.

The company states that this technology works by allowing people to be positively identified and matched in real time, against any form of international ID. It also enables users to carry out background database checks whilst simultaneously verifying a biometric face match and digitally signing sensitive documentation. This is done via a cloud-based platform.

Sinerix allows users of its software to carry out simultaneous background database checks whilst verifying a biometric face match and digitally signing sensitive and time-critical documents via a secure cloud-based platform.

Visual and GPS location data is taken to provide a positive identification and exact location of the user and provides risk assessment data and a transactional audit trail in a GDPR- compliant format.

David Kern, CEO for Sinerix said: “Sinerix is a cloud technology company that offers a fully automated KYC (Know Your Client) onboarding solution that is capable of verifying and linking individuals to any government-issued photo ID document with the use of its anti-spoofing biometric facial recognition software, in real time.”

“This development is particularly timely as the UK’s Home Office acknowledges the benefits that technologies, capable of using algorithms and facial recognition software, bring in helping to crack down on rising levels of online fraud and identity theft.”

Kern continued: “Our solution helps businesses to speed up everyday document workflow while reducing unnecessary risks when sending confidential data to an unknown recipient.”