EIC Group launches biometric-based prepaid card
15 June 2018 17:00 GMT

S-based EIC Group, in association with MiNiT Financial Services, has launched a new general purpose reloadable prepaid card, Elite Influential, with EMV chip and biometric authentication capabilities.

The EMV chip is integrated with near-field communication (NFC)-enabling functionality and MiNiT’s live fingerprint sensor for extra security through biometrics.

The sensor verifies cardholder’s fingerprints to authorise the transaction, thereby ensuring secure payments.

In addition, the Elite Influential Card features various benefits and discounts such as exclusive event membership and VIP access.

EIC Group global director of Business Development, Anastasia Rader said: “We listened to existing card carrier feedback and patented an enhanced encryption technology that delivers on what card carriers value most – security.

“By offering additional benefits such as access to exclusive VIP events, the new Elite Influential Card rewards customers for their social network and net worth and throughout their travel journeys.”

The company is also offering members of the new prepaid card with access to an exclusive social network called Elite Influential Social Network, which is said to be a secure club providing safe communication without data mining or collection.

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