Aware chosen for UK government Biometric Matching Platform
28 June 2018 20:46 GMT

Aware has announced that it will provide software and services towards implementation of a central biometric services system being deployed by the United Kingdom Government for applications in law enforcement, border management, and immigration.

Aware is on a team led by Fujitsu Services Limited selected to supply the biometric matcher integration hub. Aware will contribute the biometric matcher integration hub and its segment-leading Biometric Services Platform (BioSP) product, which will be used in part to provide workflows and a layer of abstraction between multiple biometric matchers and other subsystems. The value of the award to the team is US$38 million over five years, with a possible three-year extension.   

BioSP is often selected to serve as the foundation of a biometric system because of its maturity and proven performance, ease of configuration, and it's open, modular design. By building a system upon BioSP, stakeholders can be assured of enabling a solution that is reliable, interoperable, and future-proof. 

"BioSP is the leading biometric platform because of its rich feature set, rapid configurability, and proven reliability for mission-critical applications, all provided as an off-the-shelf software product," commented Rob Mungovan, Vice President Biometrics at Aware. "Aware is very pleased to again be working with Fujitsu, and to again see BioSP serve a central role in such an important biometric system."