Fingerprint sensor features in new Blackberry
17 August 2018 14:46 GMT

Sweden's Fingerprints has revealed that Optiemus Infracom has said Blackberry’s two new models, Evolve and Evolve X, will use Fingerprints’ touch sensor FPC1028.

Evolve and Evolve X feature full-HD+ displays, dual cameras, Corning Gorilla Glass 5, Android 8.1 Oreo and include security features such as an in-built password manager, a privacy shade, and root protection.

Fingerprints sensors are recognized for their high quality and excellent biometric performance, and for their innovative features, offering the most convenient and secure experience for the end users. With FPC EvoTouch, our self-learning algorithm learns more about you with your every touch, adapting to your changing finger conditions, such as small injuries or seasonal changes to the skin.

Other than FPC EvoTouch, the fingerprint sensor also supports FPC 360Touch, FPC OneTouch, and FPC TouchNroll.

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