Think Digital Identity for Government

Think. Digital Identity for Government - Thursday 29th November 2018, One Great George Street, Westminster
Understanding the policy, practice and delivery of public sector identity

Think Digital Partners
hosted a conference in May 2018 which examined the ethos and ethics around identity in public services.  The event offered a forum for informed discussion around the adoption of identity in public services, and discussed the concept of identity services.

The conference considered how the UK landscape for identity in public services is at an “inflection point” compounded by government and private sector deliberations around a trust framework for the reuse of government-developed identity services. At the same time, impending global Open Banking initiatives require both the public and private sectors to understand the implications of regulations and standards in the UK on the global identity ecosystem. The international picture for identity, the speed of take-up of GOV.UK Verify, and the role of the private sector in its development were all examined. The conference also looked at identity in the wider public sector, discussed trust and took a look into a metaphorical crystal ball to consider the future of identity in public services.

Six months on from the conference, Think Digital Identity for Government will be examining how accurate the forecasts were. But this time, the focus will be much more on not just the policy and practice of public sector identity, but also on the delivery.

The day will feature speakers discussing how their organisations are delivering and practising digital identity in public services, including the challenges, the success and the headaches. With the shift in responsibility for identity policy from the Cabinet Office to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, this event will also offer one of the first opportunities to examine what the new landscape in identity in public services looks like.

Agenda includes:

  • Analyst keynote on the Identity Opportunity for Government
  • Government Keynote – A change of Identity
  • DWP’s view from a department
  • Blockchain and Identity
  • Developing the Identity marketplace
  • Cross-government Identity Panel
  • International Identity 
  • Who do we think you are? The BBC and Digital Identity
  • Identity Futures panel
  • Plus case studies, interviews, seminars and networking opportunities
  • For full agenda details visit the website:


Confirmed Speakers so far:

  • Cheryl Stevens MBE – Deputy Director Identity and Trust Services at DWP Digital
  • Alison Walsh – Business Readiness Lead, Government Gateway Transformation Programme at HMRC  
  • Paul Heskins – Senior Operations Leader and Chair of ID Steering Group at DVLA
  • Colin Brown – Lead Identity and Access Management Architect at BBC
  • Don Thibeau – President at Open Identity Exchange
  • Nick Mothershaw – Director of Identity & Fraud Solutions at Experian
  • Colin Wallis – Executive Director at Kantara Initiative
  • Jessica Figueras – Chief Analyst at GlobalData Public Sector
  • David Bicknell – Editor at Government Computing

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