Thomas Le Ouedec appointed as CTO at MeReal Biometrics
12 September 2018 14:35 GMT

 Hong Kong’s advanced security technology company MeReal Biometrics announces the appointment of Thomas Le Ouedec as Chief Technology Officer to head innovation and technological advancement and implementation globally.

The patented biometric card that requires a fingerprint to activate the payment and access technology inside it, is in production. Thomas’s role is to manage the transformation of the MeReal Biometrics card to meet customer expectations, while seeking new markets and technological trends.

“Thomas has the distinct advantage of knowing our technology intimately, having been on the card’s external research, development and manufacturing team since its inception. We are delighted to have him join MeReal Biometrics to represent the innovation to partners and customers while also overseeing future iterations of this card,” said Philippe Blot, Chief Executive Officer. Thomas spent the last 10 years with French smartcard developer and manufacturer UINT, a company he set-up with partners and then headed product marketing and communications and contributing to the elaboration of ISO 17839, a standard for biometrics on cards.

After he graduated from France’s EPITA in 2000 specialising in Advanced Multimedia, Thomas’s career soon focused on security on active cards. He joined nCryptone, leading the development of the first version of the authentication server and software and later in 2003 he became a project manager, leading all major bank and corporate projects for acoustic and display cards. Thomas contributed to the OATH initiative – a group of companies driving the adoption of open strong authentication technology across all networks.

Thomas will remain in the Paris office with the majority of the MeReal Biometrics engineers and electronics experts.


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