IDEX sensor featuring in remote controller by Ohsung Electronics
14 September 2018 16:40 GMT

IDEX, a provider of advanced fingerprint identification and authentication solutions,  has announced that its fingerprint sensor solutions has been integrated into a remote controller  by Korean company Ohsung Electronics.

"The demand for simplicity and security is ever-present, and IDEX is very pleased that Ohsung  Electronics and TW Electronics have integrated its fingerprint sensor into a remote controller. Ohsung Electronics and TW Electronics have integrated IDEX's contact-based sensor for cards, and this customer adoption is a validation that IDEX's biometric solutions are highly relevant and suitable for other applications as well", says David Orme, SVP Sales and Marketing at IDEX Biometrics.

Ohsung Electronics is a Korean company founded in 1975. The company has a global footprint and manufactures over 100 million remotes annually. Adding fingerprint sensor to remotes will enhance user value by allowing a friendly way to authenticate the user.

"At Ohsung Electronics our drive for innovation is relentless. We are always looking for ways to keep our products up to date, follow market trends and improve them for our users and adding a fingerprint sensor is an obvious progression. We are very pleased with the performance of IDEX's sensor and expect this product to generate a strong customer interest", says In Kyu Kim, Executive Vice President of Ohsung Electronics.