South Korean shop launches face payments
19 September 2018 17:06 GMT

South Korean convenience store chain GS25 has opened up a cashier-less store in Seoul that uses face recognition.

Key technologies used at the outlet include a face recognition system for payments and for the opening and closing of the entrance. The shop also has a checkout counter, which automatically scans items for payment by analyzing the image and weight of the products, without visitors having to scan their bar codes.

The company’s first Smart GS25 started operation at LG CNS’ headquarters in Gangseo District, western Seoul, on Monday. LG CNS is a long-time provider of electronic systems to GS25 and one of the companies working to add state-of-the-art technology to the convenience store chain.

Currently, the unmanned branch is only accessible to LG CNS staff. The store’s front entrance will allow customers to enter through face recognition after they register with a camera in front of the store. Payments can also be made through the face-scanning technology, and the store automatically charges customer’s bank accounts.

“We aim to introduce and test 13 new smart solutions by the end of this year at the Smart GS25,” the convenience store said in a statement on Monday. “The [long-term] purpose is to apply them to our branches to reduce our franchisees’ labor costs.”

An infrared camera and sensors are also installed at the store to regularly check which items need to be restocked.

This system measures the distance to products to see whether there are any left on the shelf and automatically reports this information to the store supervisor.