IDEMIA and Altran working on assisted-driving car project
01 October 2018 16:37 GMT

Augmented identity firm Idemia and Altran, an engineering and R&D services (ER&D) company, are teaming up to develop a new user experience based on biometrics and driverless vehicles.

The vehicles interact with the human environment and with different infrastructures using a car called “Columbia”, a connected, autonomous, and multi-use vehicle integrating Artificial Intelligence.

IDEMIA has said its technological innovations and solutions, combined with Altran experience and knowhow, are aimed at creating two services in one:

An assisted driving car for personal use based on a shared transport concept
A transport solution for professional users, including dropping off and collecting items along the route

IDEMIA said its bometrics technology ensures reliable data recording when users sign up for the service, and strong authentication of individual vehicle users.

IDEMIA also brings different technologies to the concept:

  • The e-KYC (know your customer) system is a digital user enrolment pathway that creates an identity;
  • A digital car key solution allows the end-user to use a digital key stored in their smartphone to open and start the vehicle. This solution is cloud-based to securely send the digital key to the smartphone, with a secured smartphone environment to store the digital car key and a facial recognition to enable the digital car key;
  • The DMS (driving monitoring system) is an on-board camera system that monitors driver behavior and interacts with the driver to return control of the vehicle to the human driver in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

IDEMIA teamed up with Altran to design the vehicle and developed several applications, including a mobile application called “I-ris” enabling the user to command the vehicle, send a package and manage shared transport, thanks to IDEMIA facial recognition system, providing secure access to the vehicle

"IDEMIA is proud to be presenting its cutting edge technologies as part of the Colombia project demonstration at the Paris Motor Show. IDEMIA's experience and knowhow guarantee the unique nature of client identities (for both businesses and private individuals) and the reliability of their digital identity. Our priority is guaranteeing convenience and security for users," explains Yves Portalier, Executive Vice-President for Connected Objects at IDEMIA.

"Altran is proud to be working closely with IDEMIA and contribute significantly to the evolution of mobility and resource-sharing with this two-in-one service. This new service allows us to meet the needs of both end-users and B2B players in one combined solution," explains Pascal Brier, Executive Vice-President for Strategy, Technology & Innovation at Altran