BioSec develops biometric voting solutions
04 October 2018 15:58 GMT

Hungarian security company, BioSec Group plans to expand its product portfolio with a biometric voting solution.

Called BS PalmVote, BioSec’s latest solution is a special module of its biometric personal authentication solution, the BS LifePass. With the development of BS PalmVote, BioSec opens door to a new market, aiming to bring the highest security level, ease of use and convenience to electoral processes.

The BS PalmVote replaces traditional identifiers with one of the most advanced biometric technologies, palm vein recognition, where the user only needs his/her hand for secure voting. By using the BioSec system, the misuse of personal identity with stolen, shared or lost identifiers can be eliminated, ensuring fraud-free voting processes with the wave of the hand.

The firm said its BS PalmVote can be easily integrated into existing voting systems, providing simple, secure, convenient and reliable voting procedures. As a result, the BioSec system is an ideal solution for any organisations, where elections are held, including parliaments, federations, company board of directors and national elections, just to name a few. According to BioSec Group CEO, Péter Györgydeák “Biometric voting offers more than “just” preventing electoral fraud and providing credible elections. Besides the increased security level, simplified and faster processes and greater comfort are also part of the biometric voting experience.”