Fujitsu developing non-contact payment solution
05 October 2018 14:37 GMT

Fujitsu Laboratories has announced the development of a non-contact, integrated biometric authentication technology that can identify a person using only their palm vein and facial data.

The firm said that developed jointly with Fujitsu R&D Center, the technology represents a step closer to "the creation of a cashless society".

To enable biometric authentication that would confirm a person's identity at brick-and-mortar stores or for admissions at event venues, streamlining searches of a huge volume of registered biometric data -- on a scale of one million users -- had required narrowing down the subject person by using cards or other forms of data. Fujitsu has now developed technology that enables a smooth payment procedure in which users only need to hold their hands over a terminal, while the identity of the subject individual is narrowed down by facial image effortlessly captured using the payment terminal and camera set in close proximity.

This technology enables wallet-free payments without the need to show IDs, paving the way to a more convenient cashless society.

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