Photographers' app uses face recognition
12 October 2018 13:58 GMT

A London-based company called Photier has developed an app that uses face recognition to identify everyone attending events - so their images can quickly be linked with those a photographer took at the event.

Once signed in each attendee follows the instructions, enters in their details, and most importantly taking a selfie.

Once that picture is recorded it can then be used to match their faces in all the other shots, and as they’ve entered in their details the software knows who it is and can assign a name to each of their appearances.

The app can then enable people to access just those pictures that feature them.

With a 95 percent accuracy rate and zero percent scope for errors, Photier resolves the problem of waiting for photo distribution -- based on facial recognition - the firm has said.

"What makes us special is that we use a very complex face recognition system to identify the subject in each photo and send it on to their smartphone instantly," said Tolga Cinisli, founder and CEO of Photier. "With Roger Michael's presence as Advisory Board Member, Photier is even stronger and ideally placed to begin a new chapter in event, celebration, and nightlife photography."