FacePhi chooses ID R&D for mobile system
23 October 2018 15:16 GMT

 ID R&D, a biometrics technology provider offering proprietary AI-based behavioral, voice, and voice and face anti-spoofing biometric capabilities, today announced it has partnered with FacePhi, a firm specializing in facial recognition and mobile biometrics for banking entities.

FacePhi has selected ID R&D’s voice biometrics technology, IDVoice, to be integrated into its new mobile security solution, inPhinite, and will offer ID R&D’s best-in-class voice biometrics technology to FacePhi’s 6 million users. FacePhi will be demoing the inPhinite product during Money20/20, which runs from October 21-24 in Las Vegas.

ID R&D’s voice biometrics technology will comprise an essential part of inPhinite, a unique tool that combines facial, optical, fingerprint, signature, and voice recognition capabilities. Specifically, ID R&D’s IDVoice will be integrated into PhiVox, which can deliver voice recognition within 0.2 seconds and can be used for banking call center management and for the application of voice-related services.

“By integrating ID R&D’s voice biometrics technology into inPhinite, FacePhi can offer the industry’s most robust voice authentication to millions of users,” said Javier Mira, FacePhi CEO. “The unrivalled speed and accuracy of ID R&D’s technology made it a simple choice for us and we look forward to offering our customers a truly unique and zero-risk security solution.”

“The combination of unparalleled security and zero-effort user experience is the focus of our biometrics research,“ said Alexey Khitrov, CEO of ID R&D. “We are certainly happy with the growing number of financial services companies choosing ID R&D biometrics for continuous or one-time authentication. Our award-winning voice biometrics technology complements the high standards FacePhi adheres to. And we’re happy to have been selected to contribute to the inPhinite solution and expand our reach further into the fintech market.”

IDVoiceTM uses a novel approach of Convolutional Neural Networks and x-vector extraction to achieve higher accuracy with less speech in a fraction of the time of i-vector methods. IDVoice works in both text-independent and text-dependent applications. Because IDVoice needs only as little as one second of speech for verification in text-independent mode, it is the clear best choice for voice-driven conversational interfaces such as voice input for AI-driven virtual assistants and chatbots. Available as an SDK, IDVoiceTM offers flexible deployment options, running on mobile devices, servers, private clouds, and IoT architectures.

ID R&D was selected as a TechCrunch Top Pick for Fintech in September and a Top Ten AI Startup in Microsoft’s Global AI Startup Competition in March. In addition to IDVoiceTM, ID R&D offers innovative approaches to voice anti-spoofing and face anti-spoofing, and behavioral biometrics for mobile and web. The company’s biometric technology suite combines into a single application demonstrating zero-effort authentication for mobile apps, chatbots, and messaging platforms.  Simply interact with the application, and it authenticates you continuously by how you look, speak, type, and hold your mobile device:  No login and password required.