NEXT Biometrics achieves Aadhaar certification for Android
25 October 2018 15:25 GMT

NEXT Biometrics has achieved certification from the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for its Level-0 (L0) Registered Device (RD) Service for Android. In addition, the company has launched an RD Service microsite for customers that provides downloads and technical support to simplify integration and use of NEXT sensor technology.                

With this recent certification, NEXT is now able to offer it’s unique, large-area fingerprint sensor technology for fingerprint modules and readers using Android software in the Aadhaar ecosystem. Android devices, such as Android-based point-of-sale (POS) terminals, are currently used extensively throughout India for Aadhaar transactions.

 The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has been created with the mandate of providing a Unique Identity (Aadhaar) for all citizens of India. The UIDAI provides online authentication using demographic and biometric data.  Registered devices have unique identifiers so that each biometric capture can be traced back to a device. Captured biometrics are signed and encrypted. 

The NEXT L0 RD Service interfaces between NEXT Biometrics’ L0 fingerprint readers and modules and customer applications. Device whitelisting and registration with the RD Management Server (RDMS) is fully automatic.

 Aadhaar is the largest and most sophisticated biometrics-based government ID system in the world. NEXT received UIDAI hardware certification for its fingerprint sensors in June.

 To support the RD Service certification, next has launched a microsite at The site provides customers with RD Service downloads for Windows and Android, as well as documentation and other support.  NEXT RD Service for Android can also be installed directly from Google Play.

Key customers have already started using NEXT’s RD Service for Android, as well as benefiting from the NEXT RD microsite support capabilities.

 “Achieving RD Service certification for Android is an important next step as we seek to expand sales of our advanced, large-area fingerprint sensor modules and readers in India,” said Ritu Favre, CEO NEXT Biometrics. “At the same time, offering support on our new microsite gives customers the additional resources they require to quickly and easily adopt NEXT fingerprint sensor technology.”

The RD Service supports NEXT fingerprint sensor modules and a NEXT fingerprint reader. The NEXT reader was specifically developed to the requirements of the Indian market. It comes with a standard USB type A cable or micro USB (type B) connector, so that it can be directly connected to mobile devices. NEXT Readers and modules operate with the RD Service out of the box so no manual activation is required.

Shortly after NEXT received hardware certification in June to provide its unique fingerprint sensor solution to India’s Aadhaar government ID program, the company received initial orders for government certified fingerprint readers. Products sold in India that use NEXT fingerprint sensors are also Bureau of India Standards (BIS) certified, which provides customers a third-party guarantee of quality, safety and reliability.