Unifyia launches as biometric firm
26 October 2018 14:15 GMT

Unifyia has announced that it will offer digital identity management and authentication solutions for people and smart devices.

Unifyia plans to offer multi-cloud and on-premises Identity Life-cycle Management Services and Automated Biometric Identification Services (ABIS) used for large-scale biometric identification and deduplication using fingerprint, face, iris, palm and voice recognition.

To combat cybercrimes and border security breaches, a trusted identity is critical and requires the right mix of technology, planning, resources and execution. To achieve the highest level of protection, trusted identity with multi-factor authentication is important. This trusted identity and access may include combinations of personal and biometric information of who they are, where they are, what they have and what they are trying to do. 

Unifyia's goal is to help customers fulfill their mission to secure identity, access and prevent fraud. Unifyia understands that customers have many product options in the market today but most of them either take unique skills customers do not have in-house, are complicated to deploy or are just too expensive. To ease deployment and be cost-effective for customers, Unifyia has built microservices-driven solutions and partnered with several trusted software and hardware manufacturers to provide a service solution. 

In 2019, Unifyia is excited to announce the release of several services at low cost to enable the right people and devices to access the right things, seamlessly and securely from birth throughout lifetime.