Sogou notes face recognition competition win
05 November 2018 17:18 GMT

Beijing-based biometrics firm Sogou has announced that the company's face recognition algorithm achieved the highest ranking in the highly-regarded MegaFace Challenge hosted by the University of Washington.

MegaFace's newest results show that Sogou's face recognition algorithm achieved an accuracy rate of 99.939% when deployed on the MegaFace million-scale dataset and tested against one million distractors.   

Xuefeng Su, Director of AI Research at Sogou, said, "Face recognition is a highly competitive field in AI. Our stellar performance in the MegaFace Challenge further demonstrates our leading R&D capabilities in computing algorithms and our ability to effectively allocate resources. To further advance our AI strategy, which centers on natural human-machine interaction and knowledge computing, we will accelerate and diversify the commercial applications of our face recognition technology, such as to our image search function as well as to other services."

Xiaochuan Wang, Chief Executive Officer of Sogou, said, "In many areas, machines and humans are close to reaching performance parity. In the field of face recognition, machines are even starting to supersede human capabilities. I'm incredibly proud of the accuracy and efficiency that our talented team of AI researchers has achieved with Sogou's face recognition algorithm. Together with our existing AI strengths in computer vision, voice recognition and machine translation, we will further expand our AI capabilities and continue to push the boundaries of AI."

Launched by the University of Washington, the MegaFace Challenge is the world's first global competition to evaluate and improve the performance of face recognition algorithms. MegaFace is the largest publicly available face recognition dataset. It comprises millions of face images that can be used to test, train and improve face recognition algorithms on a large scale.

Sogou leverages its AI technology to improve the functionality of its suite of products and to enhance user experience. In September 2018, Sogou launched the Pro edition of the Sogou Travel Translator, which incorporates the company's leading image recognition technology.