CyberLink FaceMe notes competition success
06 November 2018 17:11 GMT

MegaFace Challenge announced today CyberLink Corp’s FaceMe Facial Recognition Engine is within the world’s top 20 most accurate facial recognition technologies with a true acceptance rate (TAR) of up to 98.41 percent.

CyberLink said it has cooperated with several domestic and international companies to integrate FaceMe into existing services and products, positioning the engine to build business and consumer solutions that include smart retail, security, government, and AIoT applications.

Founded by the University of Washington, the MegaFace Challenge is the world’s first large-scale facial recognition algorithm competition. FaceMe’s model yields a less than 10-6 (0.000001) false acceptance rate (FAR), allowing it to rank globally within the top 20 facial recognition engines alongside well-renowned technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, Tencent, Sogou and Samsung Research. 

“Today’s MegaFace Challenge’s announcement from the University of Washington affirms CyberLink’s commitment to its high-end research capability in facial recognition technology on a worldwide scale,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “CyberLink strives to develop the most accurate and flexible cross-platform facial recognition algorithm with FaceMeTM, to strengthen smart life experiences with domestic and international system integrators.”