Jagstar announces results of trial
07 November 2018 13:57 GMT

Australian facial recognition database company Jagstar has conducted a three week test of the FaceFacts Pro ID system at the Next Hotel Brisbane.

In partnership with Next Hotels and Risk 2 Solutions, Jagstar . The trial applied several cameras linked back to analytics and the Jagstar database. The database was loaded with images of:

• Known international terrorists

• Known sex offenders

• Known criminals

• Known celebrities.

“FaceFacts Pro performed perfectly, with several people-of-interest identified and approached accordingly,” said Michael Doherty, Director of Operations at Jagstar. “It was effective, non-disruptive and met the technical and operational objectives set by Next Hotels. Everyone was quite pleased.”

The firm said the Next Hotels facial recognition trial clearly proved the effectiveness of FaceFacts Pro for advanced identification of VIP clients and of visitors posing a potential threat to Hotel security. 

“The proactive benefits of FaceFacts Pro were confirmed,” said Doherty, “which validated the product for Next and set the stage for future installations companywide.”