TazTag launches new rugged mobile line
09 November 2018 14:19 GMT

TazTag, a provider of biometric mobile solutions, has launched a new rugged product line with Suprema's biometrics.

Featuring Suprema's FAP20 fingerprint authentication scanner module BM-Slim2, TazTag says its new product line takes three different approaches to mobility.

TazPad LTR is a biometric tablet, TazPad eXS is a shock & dust proof android device while TazPoS provides EMV & PCI certified payments, with a thermal printer, smartcard and magnetic strip reader.

"Suprema's BM-Slim2 still offers the best level of security with the industry's most advanced Live Fingerprint Detection (LFD) technology. Thanks to a very low consumption, the sensor allows an enhanced mobile autonomy for TazTag new devices, still certifying FAP 20 standard and large sensor scanning area for higher quality fingerprint images", said the statement.

Bogun Park, CEO at Suprema ID : "Likewise in other smart devices, fingerprint became an essential authentication method in today's professional markets. We take great pride in offering BM-Slim2, the world's slimmest fingerprint sensor of its kind, to TazTag's new mobile devices that have been widely used in many vertical markets including telco, banking and law enforcement applications. We will keep our strong commitment to TazTag with the most advanced and affordable biometric solutions to provide competitive advantage over competitors."