Ipsidy and Ayonix develop ip-based security system
12 November 2018 16:17 GMT

Biometrics firm Ipsidy is entering a new partnership with Ayonix Face Technologies, a developer of 3D facial recognition technology, to create the next wave of biometric identity technology using IP cameras commonly used for surveillance.

If you attend a public event, you’re likely to not want to wait on line to be screened for security clearance and it’s a chore to show ID at the door.

In their new collaboration, Ipsidy and Ayonix are looking to make this sort of high-tech security more unobtrusive and less cumbersome.

Ipsidy’s Access solution, a mobile biometric tracking system, will adopt the high-speed performance and novel detection capabilities of Ayonix’s 3D facial recognition technology.

Drilling down to the details, Access by Ipsidy, enhanced with Ayonix’s FaceID Software, filters facial images extracted from IP cameras and video feeds and rapidly matches them to stored images.

The system can be introduced with existing IP-based camera systems, which are already in place at a facility, to identify and classify people who are approaching a security checkpoint or moving around a building or a public event.

“Ipsidy is pleased to partner with Ayonix to add the edge device detection capabilities of their 3D facial recognition software to our Access solution,” said Ipsidy CEO Philip Beck in a statement. “Together, we are creating the next generation of frictionless, biometric access management products.”  

When an enrolled user is identified at an event or a checkpoint, Ipsidy’s Access notifies site attendants and security workers via its mobile Concierge app. So, authorized visitors can be welcomed by name and “waved” through following a biometric check.

Security personnel and site attendants also receive immediate notifications when people who do not have the requisite credentials or who are on a watch list attempt to access a location.

Ipsidy’s Concierge app provides real-time monitoring of security transactions and alerts, all from the convenience of a tablet device.