IDEMIA delivers smart ID to Nepal
13 December 2018 17:51 GMT

ID tech firm Idemia has been working with the Government of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal in delivering new national ID cards since 2016, through the Department of National ID and Civil Registration (DoNIDCR), and will provide the new e-ID cards in continuity of this longstanding relationship.

The new e-ID card has been designed to improve identity management services and assist in delivering government services and social security benefits. The cards can be used as an electronic authorization for e-services, cross-border security documentation and for the delivery of healthcare and welfare services.

On 19th November, the Home Minister of Nepal was joined by IDEMIA executives in a ceremony to commemorate the initial run of smart cards. A special guest at the ceremony, and first recipient of the new e-ID card was 101-year old Bhagawati Devi Bhandari, the oldest enrolled citizen in Panchthar Region. This ceremony followed the inauguration of the card printing system at the beginning of November by the Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs at the Personalization Centre of DoNIDCR along with the Director General and representatives from IDEMIA.

IDEMIA was chosen to deliver an end-to-end system encompassing registration of citizens' data and biometric deduplication to ensure a unique ID is issued to each individual, in addition to the production and personalization of smart cards.

The national identity card is a multi-purpose machine-readable biometric smart card, laser engraved polycarbonate, with several world leading security features. The card features a chip, containing the cardholder’s photograph, fingerprint and signature.

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