Elecpro releases face, fingerprint recognition lock
24 December 2018 14:45 GMT

Elecpro launched the US:E Smart Lock on Kickstarter this week.

The firm said US:E allows users to open the door in much more versatile ways — facial recognition, smartphone, fingerprint scanning, password, physical key, and key fob.

"We believe the lock is an important part of our home and the lock can also be intelligent. Our goal is to make the lock truly safe and smart. These were the ideas behind US:E Smart Lock," said Terence Ye, CEO of ELECPRO GROUP INC.

With the built-in camera, users have complete control over how they unlock their door. The smartphone is the key. Simply by tapping on their smartphone, users can open the door for their friends and get notifications when someone is nearby, so their home is always protected and will never be caught off-guard.


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