Vision-Box wins travel experience award
28 December 2018 16:33 GMT

Vision-Box, as a partner of the Fast Passenger Processing System trial underway at Sydney Airport, has been recognized with an International Airport Review Award, for Passenger Experience and Seamless Travel.

Key aspects of the couch-to-gate biometric walkthrough program are being tested as part of the trial at Sydney Airport’s T1 International Terminal that began in June 2018.
The ecosystem of this single-token biometric journey is articulated through newly designed passenger interaction points which offer on-the-move processes and personalised engagement. A next-generation platform connects the passenger to their airport journey in real-time, prioritising the passenger experience and service excellence.

“We’re very proud to be able to partner up with Sydney Airport, who shares our traveler-centric vision of an airport, and to collaborate in redesigning the passenger experience. We’re making history, taking advantage of biometrics, IoT, AI and other technologies. The potential is huge in improving the airport landscape and improving the passenger experience through personalized, value-based engagement.” - Miguel Leitmann, Vision-Box CEO.

“We’re proud to be at the forefront of this exciting technological evolution. Our globally leading facial recognition trial is part of our broader focus on finding new ways to use technology to drive a more seamless and convenient experience for our passengers.” - Geoff Culbert, Sydney Airport CEO.

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