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ZorroSign announces support for mobile biometrics

ZorroSign, a firm working on electronic signature and document fraud and tampering detection systems built on blockchain, announced today the release of its enhanced support for advanced mobile biometrics to electronically sign documents. 

23 Oct 2018

FacePhi chooses ID R&D for mobile system

ID R&D, a biometrics technology provider offering proprietary AI-based behavioral, voice, and voice and face anti-spoofing biometric capabilities, today announced it has partnered with FacePhi, a firm specializing in facial recognition and mobile biometrics for banking entities. 

23 Oct 2018

Australia's NAB and Microsoft develop biometric ATMs

NAB and Microsoft have collaborated to design a proof of concept Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) using biometrics, cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

23 Oct 2018

Excelpoint enters Fingerprints deal

Singapore-based electronics distributor Excelpoint has begun distributing the products of Fingerprint Cards.

22 Oct 2018

Zwipe and Tappy Technologies launch wearables payment partnership

Biometric technology company Zwipe and wearables technology company Tappy Technologies have announced a partnership to jointly develop and launch biometric enabled wearable payment, access and digital authentication devices. 

22 Oct 2018

Samsung envisions full-screen fingerprint reader

Tech firm Samsung has patented a smartphone with a full-screen fingerprint sensor.

22 Oct 2018

Lens maker AOET expects fingerprint recognition to drive growth

Taiwanese optical lens maker Ability Opto-Electronics Technology (AOET) expects lenses for  fingerprint recognition to be a growth drivers in 2019, according to company president Victor Kao, reports regional media..

19 Oct 2018

Societe Generale trialling biometric card

France's Societe Generale has reported that it is now experimenting with a biometric bank card.

19 Oct 2018

Goode Intelligence sees biometric card boom

Research firm Goode Intelligence predicts that there will be over 2.6 billion biometric payment users by 2023

19 Oct 2018

Lightspeed ID launches face and iris portal

Lightspeed Technology, a biometric security innovation company, announced it has developed an interface module designed to drive mass deployment of its industry-leading face/ iris biometric solutions.

18 Oct 2018
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