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Researchers working on binary pattern technique

Researchers have proposed that an "Entropy based Local Binary Pattern (ELBP)" feature extraction technique could be used with multimodal biometrics as a defence mechanism for cloud storage

31 Dec 2018

Indian police to use AI, biometric solution

Indian AI-powered software firm Staqu has revealed the launch of TRINETRA, an AI application for the Uttar Pradesh Police Department. 

28 Dec 2018

Vision-Box wins travel experience award

Vision-Box, as a partner of the Fast Passenger Processing System trial underway at Sydney Airport, has been recognized with an International Airport Review Award, for Passenger Experience and Seamless Travel.

28 Dec 2018

New smart ID cards launched in HK

Nine newly established Smart Identity Card Replacement Centres in Hong Kong commenced operation on 27 December.

28 Dec 2018

China uses face recognition in council housing

Authorities in China's capital, Beijing have stepped up use of facial recognition-enabled smart locks in its public housing programmes to tackle tenancy abuses.

28 Dec 2018

NEC adds protection functionality to facial recognition software

NEC Scandinavia announced today an important addition to their suite of Biometrical solutions that prevents unmatched people featuring in live feeds.

27 Dec 2018

Sierra Leone to use biometrics for pensioner registration

Sierra Leone's welfare ministry has launched the Biometric Registration System (BRS) for its pensioners. 

27 Dec 2018

3xLOGIC launches face analytics camera

3xLOGIC, a provider of integrated, intelligent security solutions, has released the VISIX facial recognition camera.

27 Dec 2018

New countries need biometrics to enter Canada

Citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines applying for a Canadian visitor’s visa, study or work permit and for persons applying for permanent residence, now need to submit biometrics.

27 Dec 2018

SecuGen to unveil the U10-SF

Optical fingerprint device and technology vendor SecuGen has announced that they will unveil the U10-SF at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

24 Dec 2018

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