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Precise Biometrics reports sales dip 16 August 2018

Swedish fingerprint sensor and software firm Precise Biometrics saw sales fall 7.1% in the last quarter, according to figures released yesterday.

Behavioural Biometrics: Tracking How You Interact with Technology 15 August 2018

The way you interact with technology is as unique as any fingerprint or iris pattern. These markers are being used by banks and other companies to help fight cybercrime and fraud.

London's Met develops mobile fingerprint device 14 August 2018

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in London has developed its own in-house mobile fingerprint device.

Crossmatch announces launch of mobile ID-focussed NOMAD reader 07 August 2018

Biometric identity management and secure authentication solutions firm Crossmatch announced general availability of its NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader. 

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