Goode Intelligence

Goode Intelligence

Goode Intelligence (GI) is a Cyber Security analysis and consulting company with a strong track record of supporting the biometrics industry. We have become the go-to analyst and consulting firm for the biometrics industry and work internationally across a range of clients, from start-ups to global leaders.

Our interconnected service offering includes:

Independent publications including:

Market analyst reports

Monthly market intelligence reports

Market Surveys

Insight Reports

Bespoke Research:

Market sizing

Product benchmarking and evaluation

Competitor analysis

Go-to-Market (GTM) Services:

White Papers

Product Evaluation Reports

Seminars / Webinars

Content writing including articles / blogs

Events – offered through our partner RANT Events

Consulting and Strategy:

Product marketing reviews

Strategy analysis

Product evaluation

M&A due diligence

Market & Channel analysis

Recent market analyst reports include “mobile and wearable biometric authentication 2017-2022”, “mobile biometrics for financial services 2015-2022”, “biometrics for payments 2015-2022” and “biometrics for banking 2015-2020”.

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