Cognitec Systems - The Face Recognition Company

Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technologies and applications for enterprise and government customers around the world. Various independent evaluation tests have proven the premier performance of Cognitec’s FaceVACS® software.

Cognitec’s portfolio includes products for facial database search, video screening and analytics, border control, ICAO compliant photo capturing and facial image quality assessment. The technology is now widely used for security applications, automated passport control at airports, law enforcement investigations, passport or driver’s license issuance, video surveillance and physical access control. Other applications include photo indexing and searching, people flow management, customer engagement/VIP recognition and intelligent signage. Cognitec’s software development kit delivers the FaceVACS Technology to integrators and allows the development of new face recognition applications.

Cognitec´s products are easy to use, flexible, extendable, and take into account current industry standards, allowing for easy customization and integration. The company also provides excellent technical support, training and documentation. Cognitec has established sales and support offices in Europe, the USA and Australia, and works closely with business partners in more than 50 countries.

With a clear corporate focus on face recognition technology and applications, the company is committed to deliver the best performance available on the market.

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Address Details

Company name: Cognitec Systems

Company address: Grossenhainer Str. 101, D-01127 Dresden, Germany

Company phone: +49-351-862-920
Company fax: +49-351-862-9210

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