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Walmart wins patent for medical records stored on biometric blockchain 20 June 2018

Walmart has been awarded a patent for a system that would store a person’s medical information in a blockchain database and allow first responders to retrieve it in the event of an emergency.

Music app uses face recognition tech 20 June 2018

Audio processor software firm Zynaptiq has released a brand-new processor that uses techniques found in facial recognition algorithms, called Intensity.

Aadhaar face recognition delayed a month 18 June 2018

UIDAI has announced that facial recognition authentication for Aadhaar users that was scheduled to be launched on July 1 has been delayed for August 1.

Fingerprints secures biometric card contract 30 May 2018

Fingerprints has just secured initial orders for its T-shape module from two major global card manufacturers, to be used in dual-interface (contact and contactless) payment cards.

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Russian telecoms carrier to launch biometric platform in 2018

Russia's Rostelecom has said it will launch a biometric authentication platform next year.

Survey finds 81% of users trust Face ID

A survey of various users found that 81% of respondents perceive Face ID as trustworthy and 91% think it will be easy to use.  

Samsung SDS announces deal with BioCatch

Behavioral biometrics firm BioCatch has teamed up with Samsung SDS to integrate the former firm's technology into Samsung SDS's authentication platform, Nexsign. 

Analyst sees Android OEMs turning to 3D face tech

An influential analyst has said Android OEMs should emulate Apple's Face ID tech. debuts 'unphishable' security keys

Digital ID firm has announced the ability to use FIDO U2F (Universal Second Factor) Security Keys as an extra layer of authentication for its identity proofing services. 

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Waving goodbye to queues with your fingerprint?

Advanced optical biometric devices that read fingerprints at walking speed, as users wave their hands through scanners, promise to resolve speed issues raised by previous biometric authentication methods. But experts caution that it may not be so straightforward.

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