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Aadhaar face recognition delayed a month 18 June 2018

UIDAI has announced that facial recognition authentication for Aadhaar users that was scheduled to be launched on July 1 has been delayed for August 1.

Amazon under more pressure on biometric bodycams 18 June 2018

Nearly 20 groups of Amazon shareholders are pressuring the tech company to stop selling facial recognition technology to law enforcement.

NEC responds over Australian biometrics project 18 June 2018

NEC Australia says it is “extremely disappointed” with the decision of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) to cancel the Biometric Identification Services (BIS) project.

Nuance deploys voice biometrics for Czech bank 18 June 2018

Nuance Communications announced that Česká spořitelna - the Czech Republic's largest bank and owned by Erste Bank Group AG - is the first in the country to leverage Nuance's voice biometric technology. 

UK Home Office, Met Police face legal action over face recognition 15 June 2018

The Metropolitan Police is facing a legal challenge over its use of facial recognition technology to spot potential suspects in crowds. 

Gemalto face recognition does well at DHS 'biometric rally' 15 June 2018

Gemalto has written in a statement that it "excelled" at the 2018 biometrics rally, sponsored by the US Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) in conjunction with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Touch Biometrix appoints CTO 15 June 2018

Touch Biometrix, a fingerprint technology company headquartered in North Wales, has appointed a Chief Technology Officer.

Government grant bolsters Argus TrueID 15 June 2018

Biometric identity solutions firm  Argus TrueID this week hosted Australian Federal Minister for Jobs and Innovation, Michaelia Cash.

EIC Group launches biometric-based prepaid card 14 June 2018

S-based EIC Group, in association with MiNiT Financial Services, has launched a new general purpose reloadable prepaid card, Elite Influential, with EMV chip and biometric authentication capabilities.

NEC faces audit in Australian project 14 June 2018

An investigation has been launched into a suspended biometrics project that NEC Australia was undertaking for the Australian Crime Intelligence Commission.

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Apple Pay - What do we know? 23 September 2014

In this paper, independent transaction security experts UL describe what is known about Apple Pay in both a technical and organizational context, as well as what questions still remain to be answered. 

What is the Apex Air Entry and Exit Re-Engineering project? 03 July 2014

A question and answer session designed to answer questions about the Apex Air Entry/Exit Re-Engineering (AEER) project and its integration of biometrics

iPhone 5S: heralding a paradigm shift? 27 November 2013

In drafting this statement, the EAB seeks to offer the suppliers of mobile devices, service operators and the user a perspective on how to assess this kind of technology - and in particular its security and usability.

EAB Contribution to Horizon 2020 consultations 01 October 2013

An outline of some key research priorities and objectives are presented as input to the preliminary consultations surrounding the theme of Trustworthy ICT within the Horizon 2020 programme.

Intelligence and Efficiency through On-Demand Media Analysis using Face Recognition 01 August 2013

The accuracy of face recognition has increased dramatically over the past 10 years. This, coupled with the massive increase in the creation of digital media and the availability of cheap computing, now provides authorities with the ability to bulk ingest and process media in an automated fashion. Carl Gohringer, one of Planet Biometrics' Expert Panel members reports.

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